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132 pages
5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN 978-1-59181-068-1

Books by Steven Harrison:

The Question to Life's Answers: Spirituality Beyond Belief

Being One: Finding Our Self in Relationship

Doing Nothing: Coming to the End of the Spiritual Search

Getting to Where You Are: The Life of Meditation

Happy Child: Changing the Heart of Education

What's Next After Now: Post-Spirituality and the Creative Life

The Shimmering World: Living Meditation

The Love of Uncertainty


The Moment of Discovery: Dialogues With Steven Harrison

Are We Aware Yet? Dialogue with Steven Harrison, Recorded at the 2003 Inner Directions Gathering

Beyond Consciousness Dialogues With Steven Harrison

Self-Deception and the Fires of Transformation: Dialogues With Steven Harrison (free MP3 download)

The Risk of Creativity: A Dialog in Amsterdam with Steven Harrison

A Conversation with Steven Harrison: Paradox, Illusion and the Post-Spiritual Inquiry

Videos about Steven Harrison:

Just As It Is: Conversations with a Contemporary Mystic

The Human Potential: Living in the Quantum Reality

Coming to the End of the Spiritual Search

Steven Harrison

Doing Nothing is for those who have found themselves religiously following practices that have not fundamentally changed their lives: new therapies, ancient meditations, exotic religions, or old-time religion. It encourages them to find the truths of life through the simple act of stopping the search.

What do you do after you've tried everything to find enlightenment or happiness? "Do nothing," writes Steven Harrison. "As it turns out, nothing is a surprisingly active place, but it is here that we discover who and what we are."

"At a young age I was moved by the pain and discord around me and inside me. I sought to find a complete, final and universal answer to this pain. For 25 years I studied the world's philosophies and religions. I sought out every mystic, seer and magician I could find throughout the world. It was all useless.

Somewhere in all of this, the discovery occurred that pain and discord were not the problem, but the seeker was. The very grasping for an answer, for a response, for a solution that relieved me of the burden of feeling, was the problem. Without the grasping of the seeker; the nature of the problem fundamentally changes." —From the book

What others have said about Doing Nothing:

Written in disarmingly unpretentious style, this book is a profound inquiry into the nature of our humanity.

—Dr.Thomas Szasz, author of The Myth of Mental Illness

Go beyond therapists, gurus, gods, and techniques, he tells us, to investigate our true nature in silence. Harrison's uncompromising voice is a welcome companion on our journey toward being fully human.

—Yoga Journal

Discard your ideologies and dogmas, your gurus and ritual, argues Harrison in this caustic exploration of our psycho spiritual obsessions. The solution lies in not seeking a solution.

—Utne Reader

A serious philosophical treatise, the book examines the meaning of life...forget meditation, forget psychiatry, forget spiritual gurus and all the processes that have been billed as paths to inner peace.

—Rocky Mountain News

A persuasive argument for stopping the perennial search for enlightenment.

—New Age Journal

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