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Foreign & Subsidiary Rights

All foreign rights and subsidiary rights inquiries should be directed to:

Connie Shaw

PO Box 1851
Boulder, CO 80306
Phone: 303-443-2188

contact (at)


Permission to Reproduce

If you wish to reproduce material from a Sentient Publications book, you must request permission in writing. Please tell us the following about the book from which you wish to reprint:

  • title
  • author
  • ISBN
  • the exact material you wish to reprint
  • copies of our material in context
  • the page numbers on which the material appears in our book

Please tell us the following about the book, website, or periodical in which you want our material to appear:

  • title or url
  • publisher
  • proposed date of publication
  • price
  • print run
  • territories for which you need permission (US, US and Canada, world, etc.)
  • any other information that you feel may be helpful in evaluating your request

If you are requesting permission to photocopy material, please indicate which pages from our book you would like to copy and how many copies you would like to make.

If your request is incomplete it will be returned for more information.

It may take up to 3 weeks for you to receive a written response to your request. Please submit your request for permission as early as possible. You may follow-up on your requests no sooner than 3 weeks after we receive your request.

We evaluate each request on an individual basis and in most cases we charge a permission fee. No fees will be discussed prior to permission being granted. Please send your request to:

Permissions Department
PO Box 1851
Boulder, CO 80306



Desk / Examination Copies

Sentient provides professors free desk copies of titles that have been adopted for course use. We will provide one free desk copy for every twenty copies you order for a class. You must accompany your requests by a copy of your bookstore’s purchase order, indicating the order’s quantity and date, or a copy of your requisition to the bookstore.

Examination copies of paperbacks priced $20.00 and under are available for a pre-paid fee of $5.00 per title. There is a limit of four books per professor.

Examination copies of paperbacks priced over $20.00, and all hardcovers, are available on a 60-day approval basis. An invoice dated 60 days from the time your request is processed will accompany shipments. If you adopt the book for a course, the examination copy is yours free of charge. Simply return the invoice with the requested course information as well as the purchase order number from your bookstore, and we will cancel the invoice. If you wish to keep the book but do not adopt it, you may use the invoice to purchase it at a 20% educator’s discount off the retail price. If you do not wish to adopt or purchase the book, you may return it to us with the invoice, and we will cancel the order.

To order your examination copy, please write to us on school letterhead indicating the title, author, and ISBN of the book you are requesting, as well as the course name and number for which the title will be used. Email it to contact(at) or mail it with your check to:

Exam/Desk Copy Department
PO Box 1851
Boulder, CO 80306



We are currently not accepting submissions—we have too much on our plate already! Should this change, perhaps next year, this page will be updated with the submission procedure. Until then, please don’t contact us about your potential book project. Thanks.


Get in Touch

Contact us with your question or comment. For a faster response, please be sure to review this page regarding rights, permissions, copies, and submissions. Please note that we are not currently accepting submissions.

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