Secrets of Voice-Over Success

Top Voice-Over Actors Reveal How They Did It: Expanded and Revised

Through the stories of successful voice-over professionals, both novice and experienced actors will learn everything they need, from how to develop their talent to tips for landing that first big job.


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No other book on this subject gives such a complete picture of what it takes to launch and sustain a voice-over career. Through the compelling stories of highly successful voice-over professionals, both novices and experienced actors will learn everything they need, from how to develop their talent to tips for landing that first big job.

In this expanded and revised edition, the author has added the advice of two more actors, making a total of twenty-one contributors. There’s also a CD of the demos that these top voice-over talents use to get work. This new edition includes:

  • The exciting story of how Jim Dale created more than 200 character voices for the Harry Potter audio books.
  • Richard Thomas’ (John Boy Walton) advice on learning to like your voice.

— Foreword by David Hyde Pierce


Praise for Secrets of Voice-Over Success


Secrets of Voice-Over Success made a tremendous impact on me as a professional in the industry, and author Joan Baker’s vision for the book moved me as a human being. I am confident that anyone reading this book will be left with a powerful experience as well.

—James Curtis, Host, E! News

A truly amazing collection of how the best of the best voice-over talent made it happen for them. With this book as a starting point, you can make it happen too.

—Vince Manze, President and founder of InVinceable Media

The actors in this book truly represent the cream of the crop in the industry and what they have to say will inspire you. So buy it, read it, and learn it! Secrets of Voice-Over Success is THE textbook of record.

—Frank J. Radice, President and Chief Marketing Officer, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Voices are obviously essential to the business of radio, and I found this book about voice-overs engaging and compelling. A great peek behind the top voices in the industry.

—Jim Ryan, VP/Adult Contemporary Programming, ClearChannel Radio

Though you may begin reading this book as just another ‘how-to’ text, you will soon find that Secrets of Voice-Over Success will grab your attention on many other levels. It's about spirit, passion and artistry. The stories it tells will pull you in, you will be impressed by the diversity of the artists, and you will be moved by the heart and dedication of its author.

—Twila Thompson, Director, TAI Resources/The Actors Institute

Secrets of Voice-Over Success is an industry must-read. It has a little for everybody: history, philosophy, advice, and underneath, a sense of commitment and passion—not only from the contributors but from the author as well. Joan Baker has done this profession a great service in promoting voice-over actors as well as the voice-over profession itself. This text should be utilized by anyone who wishes to be in the entertainment arena.

—Loren Ruff, Professor of Theatre/Drama, Western Kentucky University

This incredible book gives you right now what would otherwise take more than 20 years of industry experience to learn.

—Sandy Grushow, Chairman of Fox Television Entertainment Group

A must-read for anyone in the industry, no matter what side of the recording booth you're on. Secrets of Voice-Over Success is enlightening, moving, informative, and destined to be the greatest audio book in history! The information these voice-over artists share is invaluable. And some of the stories they tell are truly unforgettable.

—Ron Scalera, Executive VP & Creative Director, CBS Marketing Group

Destined to be the industry bible for years to come. Joan captures the true essence and passion of a craft that has gone so unrecognized. These are the people and players who have defined the industry during its many evolutions.

—Richard J. Paris, Marketing Director, ABC Television Network

For anyone who thinks they would like to be a voice-over talent, as well as those already in the profession, this is the book they should read before sending out another demo tape. In the voices of super successes in the field, readers will learn about everything from interpreting scripts to packing their tapes, along with the people they should get to know for the best chances of success, and they range far beyond agents. Joan Baker’s own passion for the business is shared by the other 18 experts she has enlisted to share their career successes, and she has put their stories together along with a history of the voice-over profession in a readable, accessible book that is fascinating to even an outsider. To do it all for a cause that is dear to her heart shows that Ms. Baker is much more than a voice.

—J.C. Barden, editor, The New York Times

What a masterpiece Secrets of Voice-Over Success is. A genuinely poignant instructional manual on the complicated voyage one takes to succeed in voice-overs. Joan’s approach paints such a lucid map through the generosity and candid narratives of today’s voice-over performers that you recognize how to navigate the terrain clearly. Also the added element of furthering the fight against Alzheimer’s disease—through the book’s theme of voice-over artists who are so reliant on communication as a career versus the loss of communication suffered by Alzheimer’s patients—took my breath away.

—Phoebe Snow, singer/songwriter

Joan’s book is an amazingly generous revelation of real-world lessons offered by the best voice-over actors in the industry and a surprisingly extraordinary contribution to the fight against Alzheimer’s.

—Jenny Alonzo, Senior VP,
Production, Promotion Planning & Multicultural Strategies, Lifetime Television

The good, the bad and the ugly about doing voice over work! Secrets of Voice-Over Success is a great read and an extremely valuable tool for anyone considering a career in the lucrative field of voice-overs.

—Bob Gersh, Talent Agent and President, The Gersh Agency, Beverly Hills and NY

I loved, loved, loved this book! This matchless perspective on voice-overs speaks to all levels of experience. Secrets of Voiceover Success is required reading for anyone who works or wants to work in the industry. Joan Baker has tapped into the heart of this elusive profession and has given readers the opportunity to hear it from the people who live it. And the proceeds of Secrets benefit an invaluable cause, Alzheimer’s research. That’s inspiring!

—Johnna Gottlieb, Top VO Talent Agency Consultant

The 20th secret is PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, AND PASSION—characteristics all great voice-over performers need to succeed—and this book will tell you how to achieve those.

—Chuck Fries, CEO and Exec. Producer of Chuck Fries Productions

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