The Tao of Walt Whitman

The Tao of Walt Whitman

Daily Insights and Actions to Achieve a Balanced Life

Connie Shaw & Ike Allen

In a world in which poetry has few readers, the authors have created a format to make it accessible by providing a context of action and contemplation for readers to find their own meaning in the text.


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The Tao of Walt Whitman won the Gold Award in the Body, Mind & Spirit category of ForeWord Reviews’ Book of the Year competition. Winners are selected by dozens of librarians and booksellers who are experts in the subject matter of the books they judge and who make purchasing decisions daily for their collections or bookstores. These fiercely contested awards are viewed by librarians and booksellers as an important statement about a title they might have overlooked. Walt Whitman, whose Leaves of Grass was called “the secular Scripture of the United States” by Harold Bloom, is still a source of contemporary inspiration. His ecumenical wisdom, which includes both transcendentalism and realism, is encapsulated here in short verses for each day of the year. These, along with a daily action step, become a springboard for readers to transform themselves. The sublime poetry combined with exercises for self-reflection will make this unique pocket-sized daybook a constant companion for those seeking greater balance in their lives. In a world in which poetry has few readers, the authors have created a format to make it accessible and inspire a new audience to find value and use in this genre. By giving readers a context of action or contemplation in which to find their own meaning in the text, they reinvigorate the appreciation of the poetic word. Whether the reader is new to Whitman, or poetry altogether, or is already steeped in the words of the masters, they will find in this volume new ways to approach poetic language and their own lives, regardless of their generation. This is a book to share with grandmothers, best friends, young adults, and book groups—anyone who wants to plumb the depths of poetic wisdom while learning more about themselves.

Stream or download (right click "save as") an interview with the authors, Connie Shaw and Ike Allen here.

Stream to an interview with co-author Connie Shaw here or download (right click "save as")  here.

Praise for The Tao of Walt Whitman

As a guide to the transcendent, Whitman’s poetry offers illumination for those on the path of Taoist harmony. This book is an inspired blend of bite-size samples from Whitman, along with the authors’ reflections and exercises.

—Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason

The Tao of Walt Whitman presents gem-like excerpts of his verse, along with creative, thought-provoking activities and commentary, to bring the essence of this exhilarating poet into our daily lives.

—Judy Morley, publisher of Science of Mind Magazine

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